About the Minerd.com Blog

Minerd.com is a broad information outreach to all of the tens of thousands of the Minerd, Minard, Miner and Minor cousins, their spouses and the public at large.  If you have questions or comments, wish to correct errors, or want more information on any aspect of the research and reunion effort, please contact us with your input.

My over-arching goal with this website is for it to serve as a repository for a standard set of known, proven facts and images upon which others can contribute and expand. As a lifelong Pittsburgher, with eight generations of ancestry here behind me, another of my primary goals is to educate tens of thousands of cousins all around the globe that their ancient family roots are right here in the southwest Pennsylvania region.

–Mark Miner, Founder

7 thoughts on “About the Minerd.com Blog

  1. mark..the more i read about the miner info, it show what a wealth of info you alone have provided..
    your grandmother was grand by instructing you to follow thru..blessings to you and granny..bgreen


  2. The information here lead me today to discover the relationships between my family and the Minerd genealogy. When searching for information about William Dunn of Roseville, OH, the Minerd.com website came up as a source. Lewis Mortimer Culp married “Tune” Dunn and lived on Main Street of Roseville, OH. Reading on about the legacy of Lewis and “Tune”‘s family told the story of how a third grade teacher at my grade school was related and their granddaughter. Growing up in Roseville, this was of interest to me. It surprised me to know that Helen Culp Kildow and her children were relatives of mine. Thanks for the connection.


  3. Hello…I am currently researching the Musser geneology. Dennis Musser married Caroline Miner in 1857 in PA and they later moved to Ohio. If anybody has any info or pictures, I would greatly appreciate this. I did find a few pages on Caroline that was helpful. Any additional info would be appreciated. Thank you. Laura Musser. email: mussls@yahoo.com


  4. I just found the information on the Harrison Ullom family. He was my great great grandfather. I have fond memories of spending time with my great grandparents, Robert & Ida Ullom. I so enjoyed the article.


  5. Dear Mark,
    I am a great great granddaughter of Harrison & Rebecca Yates Ullom. I’m so grateful to you for the work you’ve done. I have uploaded a few of the photos you have from photos my family had and some my Great Uncle Hercshel Ullom Bissett gathered. I have older relatives who remember the Ullom family (children of Harrison & Rebecca) when they were children. The information you’re sharing with us is priceless. Thank you SO MUCH!


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