Kent Paser’s Homemade Mustang II Airplane

The late Kent Milton Paser of Littleton, CO spent his career pursuing his passion, aviation. This Mustang II airplane, which he built in his home garage, is now preserved in the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Denver.

Kent spent three-and-a-half years constructing this aircraft from scratch. He researched, designed, manufactured, installed and tested each modification separately. For his materials, he purchased 4-feet by 8-feet sheets of aluminum and cut and shaped each piece by hand. With a wing span of 26 feet, the plane made its maiden flight in the winter of 1971 with the call numbers N5672. This sleek and efficient racing machine is still discussed in flight circles around the world.

Kent detailed his creation in his 1994 book Speed With Economy, which spells out all of the modifications he made to increase speed and efficiency.

Kent began his career with Martin Marietta as an aerospace engineer. While sending man into space with Skylab and helping to put man on the moon through the Apollo flights, he also created significant tools for space and star charts currently used in The International Space Station. Sharing his passion for flight with astronauts and rocket scientists and the like, Kent retired after 33 years.

Kent’s wife, Sandra Ammerman-Paser, is the daughter of the late Myrl D. and Opal Marie (Ferguson) Ammerman of the family branch of Margaret (Pring) Cornell. In the summer of 2000, shortly after this website was launched, Sandra made contact and shared a significant amount of content and images for her branch, going back to her great-great-grandfather, 1844 Indiana pioneers John and Barbara (Shaeffer) Minerd Jr.

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