Younkin Memorial Stained Glass Windows in the Kingwood Church of God, Somerset County, PA

A few of the 9 Younkin windows at the church. View>>>

The original Kingwood Church of God in Somerset County, PA was established in 1876, with its dedication ceremony led by Rev. John Hickernell, who years before had planted the Old Bethel Church of God in the nearby community of Hexebarger.

After 44 years, the Kingwood building was renovated in 1920, including a two-story addition and a vestibule with a bell tower. New stained glass windows were installed throughout the sanctuary, and nine sets of cousins of the extended Younkin family made donations to dedicate windows in honor and memory of loved ones.

The church burned to the ground in early January 1934. Somehow, the windows miraculously survived. Having served the community for 57 years, and with a current membership of about 160, the structure was rebuilt. A Building Committee of four church members oversaw the process, of whom three were of the Younkin family. The committee’s names are inscribed in stone and mounted today on the face of the brick structure.

Thanks to an array of wonderful photographs by Younkin cousin Linda Marker, generously shared, a new page has been created on as a guide to all the Younkin family stained glass windows at the Kingwood Church of God in Somerset County, PA. More>>>

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