Visualizing the Generations


Visual representation of 4 generations of Minerd offspring

As of today, the total known headcount of children, grandchildren, gr-grandchildren and gr-gr grandchildren of southwestern Pennsylvania pioneers Jacob and Maria (Nein) Minerd Sr. is 2,342.

Virtually all were born by the year 1900.

Here’s a visual representation of what that big number looks like — blue figures represent each male and pink each female. In my case, one of the blue figures in Generation 4 symbolizes my great-grandfather Harry Orlan Miner of Washington, PA.

I’m of the 7th generation. Some of those alive today belong to the 8th or 9th. Some have asked how many of us are “out there.” At one time years ago I thought the number could be 50,000. Perhaps it is approaching 100,000. We’ll never truly know a precise number.

The headcounts used for this graphic include natural-born, step, foster and adopted children, including infants who died at birth where the gender was known.

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