Launching the New Gaumer Online Archive on


The Gaumer/Meinert family was formed in 1748 with the marriage of Maria Elizabeth Meinert to Johannes Dietrich Gaumer. From their home in Alburtis, Lehigh County, PA, they produced 11 known children who in turn bore 40+ grandchildren and 120+ great-grandchildren, many of whom dwelled in Somerset County, PA and Muskingum County, OH. Today their descendants are counted in the tens of thousands, scattered all over the world.

A new online archives has been launched that will lead you into their stories and experiences as they broadly helped to shape Americana over the past 270 years.

The 11 known children and their spouses are Johann “John” and Albertina Christina (Dean) GaumerJohann “Friedrich” and Catharina Barbara (Eisenhardt) Gaumer –  Johann “Heinrich” and Anna Margaretha (?) GaumerJohann “Jacob” and Maria Catharina (Sowash) Gaumer Sr. – Johann George Gaumer – Mary Catherine Gaumer – Johann Dietrich and Rebecca Margaretha (Strunck) Gaumer Jr. – Heinrich “Henry” and Maria Gertrude (Gaumer) MeitzlerJohann “Adam” and Regina GaumerHeinrich “Henry” and Elisabetha (Gaumer) Schanckweiler – Peter Gaumer – and Jacob and Catherine (Keiser) Gaumer.

This compilation of Gaumer names and relationships has only been possible through the research, writing and/or gracious sharing of the following individuals spanning many decades: Eber and Marguerite (Lepley) Cockley – Gilbert R. Gaumer – Jeanne Gaumer – Lucie (Burditt) Gaumer – Paul K. Gaumer – William “Bill” Gaumer – Jeannie (Beghart) LaCues – Kenneth Moffitt – Eugene F. Podraza – Mary L. Shirer – Garold W. Sneegas – Keith Sturts – Paula (Gaumer) Tooke – Barbara (Moss) Wardsworth – and Myrtle (Knepper) Weniger.

Any comments, questions or revisions are welcome, with the original documentation requested as well.

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