Getting Started

Today marks the long-awaited launch of the Blog to more widely share the latest discoveries and research published on the award-winning website, twice named a Family Tree Magazine “Top 10 Family Website.”, originally published on May 7, 2000, is about to mark its 15th anniversary online, having drawn more than 2.75 million visitors over that time. Currently, the site averages more than 22,000 visits each month.

Planned in late 1999 and early 2000,’s original goal was to share years’ worth of accumulated, voluminous genealogy research findings and to take advantage of the wondrous internet and search engine technology to attract curious, interested cousins at large who queried their own family names on search engines.

Through its own proprietary research, added to the generous sharing of many hundreds of cousins who’ve connected over the years, the site tells the stories of thousands of cousins. All are members of the extended Pennsylvania German pioneer family of Minerd, Minard, Miner and Minor, which got its modern start in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1791 with a farm settlement not far from where the famed Frank Lloyd Wright house Fallingwater is today. It honors past lives, many which otherwise would be long forgotten, whose stories have been ravaged by the merciless effect of time passage and erosion of memory.

In its own unique way, captures the sweep of Americana through the eyes of one family, at times the good, sometimes the bad and occasionally the ugly. I don’t know of anything quite like it.

At all times, has sought to be a forum for sharing knowledge to all, at no charge. The site may change the way you think, learn about and understand families. While our clan is no bigger, better or more interesting than anyone else’s, it is symbolic of many early families who put down roots and let time work its magic.

Instead of just tracing backward, we’re also exploring forward in time to tell the saga of one clan over a span of 275 years. It starts with German-Americans Friedrich and Eva Maria (Weber) Meinert Sr., of Berks County, PA and their sons, Revolutionary War veterans Jacob Minerd Sr. and his wife Maria Nein, pioneers of Fayette/ Somerset Counties, PA, and Friedrich Meinert Jr. and his wife Catherine Nein, and thence to tens of thousands of their siblings and descendants, down to the present day.

We’re very interested in making contact with all descendants, everywhere, and learning how they’ve touched our nation. The Blog thus is intended to help with the outreach as well as share “what’s new.”

2 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Such detailed information about the Miners. I know you are missing a lot of information on my grandmother’s flllamily. She was Ellen “Ella” Hazel Miner Mertz. She married my grandfather (Henry Wilson Mertz) and had 4 children with him…….Horace Douglas, Hazel Adele (Fogel), Betty Jane (Ohl), and my father, Robert Henry. I am the end of the Mertz’s and the last surviving of that large trim limb of the Miner’s.
    Ella died in 1943 from Diabetes; she lost both legs years before. All the children in that part of the family never had serious diseases, strokes, heart attacks, or cancer……they lost limbs. My father died in 2008 from an infected knee replacement. All of them died in their 50’s, Robert (79) and Betty was in her 60’s, both of them dying with lost limbs. Horace never had any children; Hazel never had any children but had 4 back room abortions; Betty got pregnant soon after her mother died by a man named Eddie Leiby who was already married but a very nice man Arthur Ohl married her to give her son a name. Betty had two boys, Robert Franklin Ohl and Barry Lee Ohl, and both of them had children, but they both left me around the time of my father’s death both in their 50’s. Robert was a well established business man in Lehighton and loved by all. He was also a Navy and Marine Medic in Vietnam and suffered from Agent Orange and it killed him. Barry was in the Service, but never got his life together and never productive in any way. And Robert, my dad, moved away from Lehighton to Horsham, Pennsylvania. I was born March 11, 1958, and married a young Prince/Sultan from Indonesia making me a Princess on April 12, 1980. If a monarchy for of government were still viable, he would be King and I, his Queen. I lost one baby girl in uterine and have always had issues with Anxiety, Depression, and a very old body that has been repaired too many times to count. I would love to hear from any cousins, I live in Glenside, PA 19038, at 2216 Charles Street and the phone is 215-886-0553. I do keep in touch with Aunt Della’s three children but they are my second cousins. Thank you for reading this and I proudly carry the name of my Grandmother “Ella” Ellen Hazel and I also carry my maternal Grandmother’s name Marie……..hence Ellen Marie. I am on facebook.


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